6 Great Patio Ideas

Professional decorators and anyone who wants to give their house a makeover will often put a lot of time and effort into making sure the inside of the house has the necessary warmth while the outside is the kind of place where you want to spend more time – but the patio is often an underused area of the yard that could see a lot more use if people just knew what to do with it.

Look no further! We’ve put together some great ideas for jazzing up the patio – and you’re sure to find something that suits your style, no matter what you’re going for or what size patio you might have.

Here are 6 great patio ideas to inspire your design.

  1. The Fireplace Patio

A fireplace or fire pit adds more than just physical warmth to an outside area; it can also make it feel like home, and the addition of a simple fireplace adds a whole new atmosphere to an area that could be considered cold and clinical without it. For the fireplace patio, consider incorporating comfortable seating (but far enough away from the fire), smooth lighting that doesn’t overpower the eyes and gravel – accidents and embers can happen. Keep a small area or chest for fire supplies.

  1. Teak

Not all wooden furniture will last outside. Treated teak is one of the exceptions, and while it can be one of the heavier and more expensive wood types to work with, it makes for a great and durable one to use for patio furniture. Teak is so striking to many people that you can do more with it than just the incorporation of the furniture – you can use teak (and associated warm, earthy colors) to great effect without having to worry that the wood will get damaged from wind and weather conditions. For some, it’s a great place to incorporate the classic tranquil vibe that you can get from wind chimes if you don’t live in an area with too much wind.

  1. Nighttime Vibes

A lot of people prefer to spend their time outside during the night, and this gives you a lot of potential to bring out the great atmosphere of the night for things like stargazing. Start with soft and comfortable seating, blankets are optional but usually preferred – and choose softer lighting that’s enough to see by, but not so bright that it obscures the view of the stars. If you want to spend a bit more, a home telescope kit can even enhance your stargazing experience further.

  1. Plants & Mood Lighting

While you’re outside, why not incorporate some of what nature has to offer on your outside patio? Just a few potted plants can go a very long way towards creating the right atmosphere – and if you pick the right fragrant, bushy plants for your patio you can make it feel like a smaller garden through to a forest. Choose a table with a centerpiece – flowers that you change regularly or a central plant – or go with hanging potted plants or plants that want to grow against something like a trellis. It’s very, very versatile – and entirely up to you.

  1. The Herbal Garden

If you spend a lot of time cooking or preserving food (or happen to host a lot of dinner events), then you might appreciate the herbal garden patio. Here, you want to include a diverse range of herbs such as basil or parsley – make sure that everything included here has some kind of fragrant or culinary use and ensure that nothing you plant around it can affect this. Also remember to plant things that ward off bugs rather than using any kind of bug spray on your patio. Remember to compensate for where water will go to make sure it doesn’t get on anything important.