7 Interesting Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Pieces

Turning part of your landscape into an outdoor family room can be a great project idea for summer or spring. It can allow you to enjoy open air living and is cheaper than adding a new room to your home.

Transforming an outdoor living space requires some durable, cozy outdoor furniture. Investing in quality pieces can transform your outdoor area into a comforting and comfortable space, but you never have to sacrifice style.

Your outdoor space needs to be an extension of the home that blends the line between outdoor and indoor living. Here are 7 contemporary outdoor furniture pieces that will help you enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.

1. Marrakech Outdoor Bench

The Marrakech outdoor bench is a modern outdoor furniture piece that captures the true essence of style and warmth for an outdoor space. It is a single, counter-height bench that features a woven, stylish exterior in a rich finish. It is UV-protected, weather resistant and features durable steel frame construction, which make it the right addition to your outdoor space.

2. Megapolis Bar Armchair

The Megapolis bar armchair is a contemporary outdoor furniture piece that captures both urban refinement and simplicity. Its contemporary style and sleek lines make it ideal for any space, be it a modern poolside bar or modern kitchen. It is polished and chic with a contrast of brushed aluminum and faux wood. It will enhance the look of any modern-styled home whether indoors or outdoors.

3. Sheko Cradle Chair

The Sheko cradle chair is an inviting piece that induces you to spend hours relaxing on a porch or patio. It is a classic, egg-shaped outdoor hanging chair that works great for small spaces. It features solid construction, vertical hanging design, a strong chain, and weather-resistant features that allow you to swing in comfort. Just add some pillows and you will have a cozy retreat while reading a book or listening to music.

4. Stanley Patio Stacking Set

The Stanley patio stacking set brings together function and style. It is weather resistant and durable with a synthetic wicker and aluminum frame. When not in use, the two woven chairs and drum-style matching accent table stack into a vessel-like shape. The Stanley patio stacking set is perfect for entertainment when you need it and storage when not in use.

5. Cove Beach Lounge Set

The Cove Beach Lounge set is a stylish and multi-functional grouping with the potential to transform from a large lounging bed into different versatile seating arrangements. It is a 4-piece lounge set that is both water and UV resistant and comes with comfortable cushions and pillows and blends seamlessly into any outdoor space. You can break it apart for comfortable entertainment or you can use it as a large outdoor daybed.

6. Township Square Dining Table

The Township square dining table features a slatted faux wood top, a sturdy aluminum build, and a water resistant finish. It provides a spacious space for sharing a cup of coffee or enjoying a conversation with friends and family. Use this sleek, trendy table to complement your modern d├ęcor in any area of your patio or backyard.


7. Whitworth Dining Chair

The chic, neat lines of the Whitworth dining chair form a strong, nice shape. It is a cup-shaped chair with a solid structure made of chromed steel finished with white epoxy, which makes it perfect for the outdoors. The leaf pattern coupled with the sexy and slick appearance of the chair are guaranteed to attract attention whether it is placed by the pool outside or at the dining room table.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for contemporary outdoor furniture to complement your outdoor space, you should consider the 7 options discussed here. Try them out today and see just how big of a difference they make.